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Your journey to clarity, confidence & freedom starts here.

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Ready to find your financial bliss?

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For the smart responsible woman worried that she’s not making the most of her money.

Let’s co-create a financial plan that gets you started with optimizing your money beyond the fear and anxiety and without the sales pitch.

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Here's how most smart and responsible women who finally feel like they have some savings in the bank go about deciding how to optimize that money...

They ask friends and family for their tips and knowledge, but find that most of the advice is not applicable to their life or still leaves them wondering where the heck to start.

They sign up for the webinars and coaching groups, then feel frustrated when the end result is a sales pitch that doesn’t answer their questions.

They read all of the personal finance books and listen to all of the podcasts, so they feel like they know what they’re supposed to do, but overthink how to apply it to their personal situation.

Sometimes they run the numbers to see if they’re on track for retirement but get stuck when it’s time to start moving money around . . .

 . . . only to realize it’s the other stuff they’re not sure about because they’re afraid they might need that cash for something else . . . but also, what is that “something else?

So they end up doing nothing because savings in the bank feels safest.

Eventually they get busy with life stuff and just continue to let the cash accumulate. And I don’t blame them! Moving your hard-earned savings to “riskier” investments is scary, especially when you think you might need it available at a moment’s notice. And knowing that your money could be working harder for you, yet letting it languish without a purpose can be soul-crushing.


Business Colleagues


Having complete clarity on how much you really need to keep in savings and how to optimize the rest on an ongoing basis?

Knowing exactly where you stand so you can stop questioning whether you really have “enough” yet  . . . 

Realizing the exciting possibilities in your life that you may have previously thought weren’t what “people like you” could do?

Feeling free of the guilt that keeps you from using your money to achieve your ideal life?

Being able to say “YES” with confidence and excitement to the next amazing opportunity that comes along?

Feeling validated in your knowledge, skills and clarified goals to tune out the noise and stick to your plan . . .

All without fear of losing it all, of having to give up control of your money or feeling paralyzed by all of the options available to you? And without a sales pitch?

Have we met?

Hi! I'm Kelley, and I'm an experienced certified financial planner professional and coach. I created The Find Your Financial Bliss™ Coaching Program after making huge changes in my life that I previously only thought “other people” did. I know how it feels to have figured out the day-to-day aspects of money then get stuck in analysis paralysis with what comes next - to feel like your life has so much possibility but feel murky on what that actually looks like.


I’ve coached hundreds of women who knew that they were not making the most of their money and their energy, but had no idea where to start or how to make changes. I’ve been there myself.

There was so much holding me back:

  • Perfectionism preventing me from trying 

  • Scarcity issues that had me hoarding cash

  • Identity disconnects that had me blowing my savings and racking up debt

  • Lack of clarity on who my ideal self really was

  • Fear of making the wrong decision and having regrets in the future

  • Guilt over these “first world problems”

Oh, and an entire bag of shoulds, coulds and woulds that kept me  stuck in an outdated version of myself.

Then one day I realized that I needed to make some big changes or life was just going to keep happening to me.


I undertook three big initiatives to get myself moving:


I examined myself more objectively - I knew what to do, but why wasn’t I doing it? I committed to walking my talk.


I reflected on my unconscious money habits and mindsets and what money really means to me, then got to work on changing the stories and habits that no longer served me.


I got super clear on my ideal self and how SHE would behave, then I got started on becoming Kelley 2.0.

Within 6 months, I resigned from a job that was no longer in line with my values and eventually moved my family across the country to the home of our dreams – all without compromising our long-term financial health or putting myself at risk of the poverty I felt in my early career days. 


I’m not saying you need to quit your job or move to Arizona, but I created Find Your Financial Bliss™ in order to help other smart, responsible women get clear about where they are, get confident about where they want to go and get started on living life on their terms with joy and purpose.

About kelley
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A personalized
Coaching Framework

Clarify where you are, where you really want to go and how to get there without a sales pitch or giving up control of your money.





When you commit to Find Your Financial Bliss™, we’ll use my BLISS framework which guides you through the psychological and practical aspects of your personal finances to get you from “Where am I?” to “This is where I’m going.” We’ll personalize the lessons during our 1:1 coaching sessions to make sure you’re super clear on the specifics of your situation.

In this step, we set the groundwork, get to know each other and gather all of the information we’ll need to answer your questions, starting with  evaluating your financial well-being both practically and emotionally. This will help us understand where your starting point is, financially and holistically, making it easier for you to identify where you'd like to go next and how I can best support you to get there.


Phase 1: BEGIN

Lay the  groundwork

In this step, we set the groundwork, get to know each other and gather all of the information we’ll need to answer your questions, starting with getting your Financial Bliss Score, a proprietary assessment I’ve come up with to help measure your progress both practically and emotionally. This will help us understand where your starting point is, financially and holistically, making it easier for you to identify where you'd like to go next and how I can best support you to get there.



Go deep on mindset

This is where you begin to confront and overcome the fears that have kept you in anxiety, analysis paralysis and shame with your finances. Before we define your Pathways to Bliss and set your Blissful Goals, we need to work through your money psychology to discover & process what's getting in the way. We'll pinpoint which of the 8 Money Personalities you align with and the underlying money scripts and fears that are keeping you stuck. Then, you'll craft new rituals and habits that easily fit into your life to help you stretch past those roadblocks and make confident progress towards your goals. 

Phase 5:


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Phase 3:


Clarify intentions

Now that you have more insight into your mindset and the ways you may be getting in your own way, it’s time to talk about goals. The purpose of this step is to uncover what really lights your fire and motivates you. At this point in life, you have a lot of "shoulds", "coulds", and "woulds" - by the end of this Phase, we're going to clarify your MUSTs, and drop the weight of the rest. You'll learn the secret to developing and sticking to new, healthy habits, instantly clarify your values with the Pathways to Bliss exercise and establish Affirmations for Bliss that will accelerate your transformation. 

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Get to work optimizing

your money

I operate from the principle, “Chance favors the prepared mind,” and this step aims to prepare your mind and your money to be ready for those opportunities that come up that you can’t afford to miss. This phase is where I put my practical financial planner hat on and we dig into the how's and why's of personal finance.


We’ll answer the following questions:

  • Am I doing this (money thing) right?

  • How can I improve?

  • How can I make sure I’m not messing this up?

  • How do I actually do this stuff?


Together we will co-create an actionable Money Optimization Plan and you'll start taking action to push past fear and take your money to the next level. 

How to maintain your momentum

Phase 5:



In the final phase, we’ll finalize your action plan and prepare to wrap up. We'll also automate as much as we can to keep you on track. I’ll be here to support and encourage you and we’ll check in periodically to celebrate your progress and set you up on next steps.



Tina, Senior Officer,

Consulate General of Canada

Working with Kelley empowered me to take the right steps with my personal finances - my time with her has been transformative for my bank account, but more importantly the well-being of my whole self. I had no idea what my problem with money really was or how to change my relationship with it. And then came Kelley.  :) 

My very first session with Kelley was the best therapy session of my life. Working with Kelley was the first time I was actually able to identify my financial priorities, to accept them, and to get to work on making plans to achieve them. The cumulative result of our work has put me in control of my finances. It is hard to quantify, but her presence as a trusted adviser, her listening and truly hearing my underlying concerns, and her work with me step-by-step to find solutions is something I am beyond grateful for.


The peace of mind I have now regarding my finances empowers me to be a generous (not to mention functional) sister, daughter, wife, aunt, friend, professional, and community member. I am able to participate in life, face challenges, and move forward with financial confidence and security. I can take that trip and actually ENJOY it knowing I planned for it. I can say the same thing about all of my expenses now - from housing to holiday gifts.


Are you a

Perfect Fit?

You're a smart responsible woman who makes enough money to support your lifestyle but you're lost on what to do next.


You’ve pretty much mastered the art of cash flow, or at least you have some savings that cushions you from having to track every penny or you've at least tried multiple budgeting techniques to your endless frustration.


When it comes to debt, you’re either debt-free and hoping to never go back there again or you feel like you’ve got your debt under control and are looking for next-level financial planning strategies and guidance.


You seek a framework to follow to get started on optimizing your money that doesn’t include a sales pitch or giving up control of your money.


You wish you could be in a spot where you knew that if you got a wild hair up your *ss and wanted to just say, “What the hell!” that you could, and you wouldn’t regret it forever.

If any of these sound like you, keep reading, because you’re exactly where you need to be.

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I’m not a typical CFP®


I walk my talk! I never thought I’d be here, but now that I’ve followed my BLISS Framework, I can confidently say that my financial future is secure.

I understand that life isn’t linear and that retirement isn’t your only goal in life, so I provide specific guidance around your unique situation to help you feel confident and fully supported.

I have certifications up the wazoo - I’m a CPA, I’m a CFP®, I’m a PFS - but I would never sell you financial products - I’m 100% unbiased.

I actually teach you how the money stuffs works so you can leap past the “jargon barrier” and see how easy it can be.

At my core, I’m an activist. The BLISS framework is accessible to anyone, regardless of net worth and was created to help the helpers who are working to make our world a better place.

I help you overcome your obstacles with honesty and compassion - I operate in a shame-free and judgement-free zone, while holding you accountable to the intentions you set for yourself.

Ready to get started?

Complete the coaching application & then we'll schedule a FREE Introductory Call to see if we are a good fit.

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I’ve built education and self-discovery into the curriculum to make sure you feel transformed by our work...

You will receive

  • One-on-one guidance through the BLISS Framework

  • 10 individual coaching calls spread out over the lessons

  • Unlimited email support

  • Regular accountability check-ins

  • Exercises, worksheets, templates & personalized feedback

  • A co-created Money Optimization Plan to get you started on your next-level journey.

Ourdoor Zumba Class
Ready to Start Finding
Your Finanical  Bliss?


Click below to apply and schedule a free Introductory Call with me.



On the call I’ll get to know you, ask some questions about your finances, lifestyle, the journey you’ve been on with money so far, and learn about your values and goals.


At the end of our call, we’ll determine if you’re the perfect fit for the program. If so, I’ll invite you to sign up and we’ll kick off your onboarding to get the pathway started!


If it’s not a good fit, that’s totally okay too. There are no obligations on your end, and we’ll still be great friends! I will suggest something else you can do to achieve your goals and point you in the right direction.

Let’s find your financial bliss™!

Still have questions? Check out my FAQs here.

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