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Lets find your financial bliss?

Financial wellness coaching services

Have you ever had thoughts like these?


"I need unbiased financial guidance without a sales pitch...

does that even exist?"


"So many of the typical financial goals don't apply to me and I can't find a financial planner who GETS that -- I need help with my current financial life - not just saving for 20 years from now!"


"I just want answers to my financial questions in plain English so I can put things in motion and move on with my life..."

If so...
a) You're not alone.
b) You're in the right place.


What is financial wellness coaching?

A financial wellness coach is someone who has the expertise to help you with your financial planning questions and strategies combined with skills on the psychological side of money, realizing that if it was as simple as following the technical money guidelines, anyone with adequate income would be financially comfortable.


My role isn’t just to tell you what to do with your money, it’s to help you understand the pros and cons of the various things you can do with your money so that you can make the best decision for your life, values, priorities and goals. 


That might look like a conversation around whether or not to buy a place when interest rates are high and the calculators all say it’s cheaper to rent. Technically, you should rent, but there are plenty of non-technical reasons to buy. 


We go over all of that together so that you know what you’re giving up on either side of the decision, then once you decide, I put my financial planner hat on to help you optimize the various aspects of the next steps.


A financial coach helps you figure out your money, a wellness coach helps you make life decisions that take into account your background, habits, values and where you are right now in life. 


I combine both in a supportive, judgment-free environment so that no matter what you decide, you’ll feel confident, clear and empowered to move forward in the direction of your own financial bliss.


I help my clients find clarity, confidence and relief from their money anxiety with step-by-step action plans, accountability and unbiased, empathetic support.

Finding honest, understandable, unbiased financial guidance can feel impossible, especially if you don’t have a big pot of money to invest. It can be hard to trust that the person you’re working with truly has your best interest at heart … and isn’t just selling you on something that benefits them and their company.

Or maybe they’re really good at what they do, but they constantly use terms you don’t understand and when you ask for clarification, you still don’t get it.

Or maybe their perfectly-good-advice just isn’t the right fit for someone like you - someone other than their usual heterosexual married-with-2.5-kids-and-a-big-house-in-the-burbs clients.

The good news is, it’s totally possible to get customized, unbiased, easy-to-understand-and-implement financial planning answers from an expert. 

And that expert is me. 😉


For over 20 years, I have been working in the

financial field as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL

PLANNER™ professional, a certified public

accountant, and a personal financial specialist.

These days, I bring that skillset to my clients to

offer 1-on-1, totally unbiased financial coaching.

As a fee-only professional, the ONLY money I

make is the fee you pay me for our time together.

I don’t sell any products and I don't invest money for

clients, so there are zero conflicts of interest EVER

in my work.



Paid upon booking

One 60 - 75 minute session

Get your most pressing questions answered

Recorded for your reference

Unlimited emails for up to 2 weeks after session for your follow-up questions

Perfect if you just want to get a second opinion, a jump start on action items or want to check your plan with a pro

Unlimited, subscription-based coaching


6 month minimum commitment requested

Unlimited coaching sessions, as you need

For big changes and accountability

When you're ready to overhaul your finances & want a coach on retainer

Create lasting changes to your spending habits, pay off debt, start saving more money, tackle what's next

Perfect when you're looking to change your relationship with money, for couples looking to combine finances, or when you want ongoing support as you move through financial changes. 


Examples of things we might work on during our time together:

  • Making a plan to finally rid yourself of credit card debt, through accountability, tips to pay it down faster and guidance to navigate when the plan is derailed by life happening.

  • Understanding how to best prioritize what to do with money you don’t need for bills - should you add it to savings, pay down debt, invest it?

    • And if so, what type of account is best to use for the investment? And most importantly: WHY is that the best way for YOU?

  • Figuring out if you can afford to cut back on your work hours + how that would affect your retirement

  • Deciding what would be the wisest way to deal with a windfall

  • Getting to the root of spending issues + creating habits that support your best intentions

  • Understanding and optimizing your company retirement and other benefits

  • Allocating new / extra income in the best way

  • Figuring out how to set yourself up for the most flexibility with life choices


Hi! I'm Kelley and I believe the true meaning of financial freedom is making life choices for every reason EXCEPT money.


I created this coaching offering to plug the gap between financial coaches really just help people with budgeting using the tools they provide and the great financial planners who can only work with people whose investments they can manage.

There are so many people who are somewhere in between and need financial advice that isn’t motivated by the planner’s employer or commissions! Plus, I'm a CPA, so I can legally give tax advice, which is nice because taxes impact pretty much every element of your financial decisions..

I actively work to create a safe, shame-free space by avoiding moralistic judgements in any of my words. Plus, I’ve helped over 2,500 people from all walks of life with money challenges, so I’ve kind of seen it all. I know what it’s like to feel frustrated, skeptical, confused and annoyed by money.

If you want:

  • a clear sense of confidence in your financial choices

  • to feel unbothered by fear-mongering financial news (because you'll understand what does and doesn't apply to you)

  • a clear plan to follow that will make sure you are optimizing your money...

We'd be a great fit.

"Working with Kelley empowered me to take the right steps with my personal finances - my time with her has been transformative for my bank account, but more importantly the well-being of my whole self. I had no idea what my problem with money really was or how to change my relationship with it. And then came Kelley.  :)”

Tina K., Chicago

Still not sure? Feel free to check me out in the other corners of the internet:

Wondering if I know my stuff as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional? Check out some of my articles on the Journal of Accountancy:

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