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Financial Bliss with Kelley Long


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Why Budgeting Tools Are Not Enough to Make Long Lasting Financial Change

Episode 12

Money is Morally Neutral: Banishing Shame From Your Financial Mindset

Episode 11

Financial Bliss

How To Regain Control of Financial Hardships (Even When It’s Not Your Fault)

Episode 10

Financial Bliss

What to Focus on Once You've Mastered the Financial Basics

Episode 9

Financial Bliss

Want Surprisingly Flexible Savings Options? The 1 Account That Can Help You in 4 Ways

Episode 8

Financial Bliss

5 Unexpected Things You Probably Didn't Know About Your 401k

Episode 7

Financial Bliss

6 Tips to Get Started on Optimizing Your Finances

Episode 6

Financial Bliss

A Different Perspective on Retirement Planning

Episode 5

Financial Bliss

5 Common Money Mishaps and How to Overcome Them

Episode 4

Financial Bliss episode art

The One Thing Holding You Back from Optimizing Your Finances (It's Not Money)

Episode 3

Financial Bliss podcast episode art

Why You Keep Sabotaging Your Financial Goals & How to Stop for Good

Episode 2

Financial Bliss podcast episode art

The Self-Explanatory Exercise That Changed My Life

Episode 1

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