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Financial Bliss with Kelley Long

A podcast about the combination of our money psychology and financial planning


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Shifting Perspectives on Homeownership: Reasons to Reevaluate Your Desire to Buy a Home

Episode 18

The Science-Backed Way That Comparison Can Help You Improve Your Finances

Episode 17

Exploring the Origins of Your Money Worries

Episode 16

From Rollover to Cash-Out: Navigating Choices for Your Old 401k

Episode 15

Why You Can't Seem to Stay Motivated Toward Your Money Goals and What's Missing That Will Keep You on Track

Episode 14

3 Common Money Beliefs That Stand in the Way of Financial Bliss

Episode 13

Why Budgeting Tools Are Not Enough to Make Long Lasting Financial Change

Episode 12

Money is Morally Neutral: Banishing Shame From Your Financial Mindset

Episode 11

Financial Bliss

How To Regain Control of Financial Hardships (Even When It’s Not Your Fault)

Episode 10

Financial Bliss

What to Focus on Once You've Mastered the Financial Basics

Episode 9

Financial Bliss

Want Surprisingly Flexible Savings Options? The 1 Account That Can Help You in 4 Ways

Episode 8

Financial Bliss

5 Unexpected Things You Probably Didn't Know About Your 401k

Episode 7

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