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"There's a gigantic difference between
earning a great deal of money
and being rich." 

- Marlene Dietrich

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I help smart responsible women move past the fear and analysis paralysis they feel around money through unbiased, judgement and shame-free financial coaching that brings confidence and clarity . Learn more here.

It’s my life’s calling to demystify money by making it accessible to people so they can find their own version of financial bliss. As a CPA financial planner, I’m an expert on personal finance strategies, with a particular focus on enabling behavioral change through addressing the psychological aspects of money.


Prior to launching my independent coaching practice, I worked as a Senior Financial Planner one of the nation's foremost independent workplace financial wellness providers. In that role I was trained on principles of behavioral change and had the privilege of coaching over 2,500 people on all aspects of money from retirement savings to debt reduction plans; employee benefits to buying a home. 


I launched my own practice in the summer of 2020 to help smart responsible women and couples who are grappling with financial habits and mindsets that they know are holding them back to transform their finances and their lives to its fullest potential.

I am currently working with clients one-on-one on a limited basis.

Please also check out my podcast, Financial Bliss with Kelley Long, which you can subscribe to on most podcasting platforms. If you're a Spotify person, you can find it here. Apple people, it's here. Otherwise, search the title Financial Bliss with Kelley Long on iHeartRadio, Amazon music, etc. and it should come right up!




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