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"There's a gigantic difference between

earning a great deal of money

and being rich."  

- Marlene Dietrich


I'm Kelley and it’s my life’s calling to demystify money by making it accessible to “everyday” people so they can find their own version of financial bliss. I do this through teaching courses, speaking engagements and workshop facilitation, freelance writing, consulting, and financial coaching. As a CPA financial planner, I’m an expert on personal finance strategies, with a particular focus on enabling behavioral change through addressing the psychological aspects of money.


Before I left my full-time job as a financial coach with an independent workplace financial wellness provider, I coached over 2,500 people on all aspects of money including retirement savings, cash management and debt reduction, employee benefits, investing and generally working toward achieving their personal financial goals. I continue this work today through my independent coaching practice, where I am free to pursue a variety of collaborations and opportunities to spread the message of financial bliss.


How Can I Help?

If you're looking for individual financial coaching, please start on my Services page and explore the various ways I work with individuals and couples.

For other inquiries and questions, please send me a note through my contact form below and I'll get back to you shortly. 

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