Find Your Financial Bliss™


Is this a life coaching program?

Kinda, but with a heavy focus on how your subconscious beliefs and habits affect your money and how your money beliefs and habits affect your life outcomes. You'll learn a lot about yourself in this program.

Is this a financial planning process?

Kinda, but without the fancy binder and expensive software.


I'm a CFP® professional as well as a Certified Public Accountant Personal Finance Specialist, and I take the ethics and integrity of my credentials seriously, which means I operate as a fiduciary and never engage in conflicts of interest. 


I'm unaffiliated with any financial services company and do not manage investments or prepare taxes. Instead, I show you how it's done so you have the confidence to manage that stuff yourself! (or if you decide to engage a professional in the future, you'll be equipped to choose the best person for your needs).

Will I be asked to buy other products in the process?

Not a chance. I am 100% unbiased and don’t sell anything but my time and this transformation.

What’s the time commitment?

In the words of the New Radicals, you get what you give. But you can expect to spend between two to five hours on the lessons and thought starters  for each phase, plus you'll have 12 one-hour one-on-one calls with me, which we will spread out over 90 days up to 6 months, according to what works for you.


We'll customize the flow according to what you specifically seek from the program, so every person's rhythm will look different.

For whom is this program best suited? 

I created the Find Your Financial Bliss™ Coaching program for "mid-life" women who are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed with how to take their money to the next level, who know they have the resources to make change, but they're just not sure what that change is or how to get started.


You're a perfect fit if you feel like you're pretty good at saving money and feel like you've kind of tapped out your internal resources for wealth-building and want to take the next step.


My clients feel overwhelmed by all the information out there, annoyed because they feel like they should know this and acknowledge that their own fear and analysis paralysis is what's getting in the way. 

We work together to move past that fear, get you moving, increase your confidence in the strategies of wealth building and give you a clear view of where you are, where you're going and how to get there.