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I have a lot to say...

If there's anything that my 20+ years of experience in the personal finance industry has taught me it's that people are hungry to learn more about money. And I LOVE to talk about money, whether it's presenting live, recording a podcast, writing a freelance article or ghost-writing content for industry providers.

I've logged thousands of hours presenting on every financial topic from the basics of budgeting to the complexities of advanced retirement planning strategies and I'm eager to keep doing so. I've also written more blog posts and articles than I can keep track of, but I've curated a few that are most current below. And yes, I was even on Super Soul Sunday back in 2014...

If you're interested in booking me to speak at your event, please complete the form linked below, including your budget and travel reimbursement policy (if the event is in-person) and I will get back to you as soon as possible. (you can download my speaker flyer here)

For writing or press inquiries, please complete my contact form and I'll respond as appropriate.

Examples of my work

Please see below for a selection of podcasts, articles and webcasts I've created on all things HSA, retirement and financial wellness related.


Journal of Accountancy: 3 strategic uses for Roth IRAs besides retirement

One reason I love the Roth IRA so much is its flexibility. In this article for the AICPA Journal of Accountancy, I list 3 ways the Roth IRA can help with financial planning goals. If money is limited and you're unsure whether you can commit to saving money for the future without the ability to access it earlier than retirement, this article is worth reading.  Click here to read the article.



Press or writing inquiries

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