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Get Your Money Life Together (free checklist!)

You've mastered the basics, now get the rest of your money stuff together with this list.

What’s the next best thing to do with your finances once you’ve taken care of those pesky tasks like paying off high interest rate debt (or at least automating a plan to do so) and building up cash savings?


You’re not missing something: there isn’t just one answer, no matter what that guy with the radio show says.


You’re smart; you know all the basics - pay off your credit card, contribute to your 401k, pay your bills on time…. But how do you keep all the other little money and life tasks straight? How do you get it all down so you know you’re not forgetting something?


I got you! Introducing the Get Your Money Life Together Checklist™ so you can easily organize your money and your time going forward so you can focus your energy on the big stuff.

Download this checklist totally for free, work through it this weekend, and then rest easy knowing that you and your money are on the right track. 

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Avoid late fees & overdraft charges

Stop worrying that there's a big, important thing you're forgetting

Know where all your important paperwork is located

Take care of those occasional money tasks without stress or drama

Honor the energy of money through organization and planning

Find some financial peace of mind!

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Get My Free Copy Now

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Hi, I'm Kelley!

Are you ready to find your financial bliss?

I'm  a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, a CPA, podcast host, and money coach. As part of my mission to help ease pain and leave a positive difference in the world, I've been helping people with their money for 20+ years and won’t stop talking about the merits of HSAs and why most people are thinking about retirement all wrong.


Have fun with this task and if you want a little more on a few of the checklist items, check out Episode 9 of my podcast for tips!

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