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Exploring the Origins of Your Money Worries

Episode 16

Exploring the Origins of Your Money Worries

This episode is all about self-exploration to uncover the root cause of financial anxieties. When we have a better understanding of our own origin stories and how they are showing up for us today, we can really accelerate any changes we’d like to make to our mindset and our behaviors, around money: how we earn it, how we spend it, how we save it, how we avoid it, etc.

Grab a pen and a journal, and settle in for an exercise that will have you re-thinking your assumptions about money "truths" based on who you are today, versus who you were when the beliefs were formed. Enjoy!

The self-exploratory questions are as follows:

1. First, free write any and all money-related memories that come to mind. Don't worry about finding the meaning, just write down phrases or dates or events to get your juices flowing.

2. Think about money in your household growing up then answer: Who controlled it and how did they relate to money? What did they believe about money? What did they tell you about money, if anything? What did you learn from them that you still hold to be true about money today? Is it still true?

3. Was there abundance or limitation with money in your life growing up? How did you know?

4. Is there a difference to how you treat money you earn versus money that is given to you? Is there anything you can learn about this difference in attitude?

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