I left a fulfilling job working for a social-mission based financial wellness company in the summer of 2020 to launch my own private financial coaching practice and consulting company so that I can work with the types of people I most resonate with. I have extremely limited availability to work one-on-one with individuals at this time, so in order to make sure that we are the best fit, I do require you to apply using this online coaching information form.

Individual financial wellness coaching

In my work with individuals, I seek to help people who find money to be a source of anxiety in their life, even though they feel like they probably have enough. Maybe you avoid dealing with money because thinking about it conflicts with your values or the idea of taking care of money or engaging in wealth-growing feels like the opposite of what is important to you, or maybe you simply lack the confidence in your knowledge and skills to feel good about money. Many of my clients are just seeking a second opinion to make sure they're not missing anything in their finances - I'm happy to help with that as well.

We'll probably be money BFFs if the following is true for you…

  • You’ve finally paid off all your debt and have what seems like too much money in your checking or savings, but you’re not sure what else to do with it. 

  • You’ve heard the rules of thumb about how much to keep in emergency savings and how much to save for the future, but you want a more personalized answer based on your unique life, goals and personality. 

  • You’re feeling like you’re at the pinnacle of your career but for whatever reason, your personal financial picture doesn’t reflect what you think it ought to. 

  • You often say to yourself, “I should know more about this,” even though the means to learn have never really been available to you. 

  • You have an idea of some steps you want to take with your money, but wouldn’t mind a little help making it happen so you can get it right the first time. 

  • You’d love an unbiased second opinion on your finances to make sure you’re not missing anything, without having to fend off attempts to sell you products or services. 

  • A little piece of you dies when you hear Journey and Bruce Springsteen songs on the “oldies” radio station. 


I operate in a shame-free zone, which means that no matter how much you think you "should" know or do or be, I'm here to tell you that it's time to stop should-ing all over yourself. Our society doesn’t prepare us to deal with money in a healthy way, so it’s on us to find a way to make peace. We also all have our own money habits, histories and quirks, which means that there’s no one way to do money “right.”  My job is to help you find the way that works for you. To get started, complete my coaching information form.

I'm probably not a great fit for you if…
  • You want someone to make investing decisions for you or just take care of that part. I don't give investing advice and am not licensed to do so. I’m happy to refer you to some amazing financial advisors in my network if that’s what you seek!

  • You regularly spend more than you make and don’t feel like you can figure out how to fix that. I am happy to offer a variety of creative cash-management styles, but I don't specialize in finding ways to trim the budget. There are some amazing coaches out there who do specialize in this, so if that's where you need to start, let me know if you want me to recommend a couple!

  • You are in crisis with bills in collection or feel like you’re drowning in debt. I'm not well-versed enough in the world of credit counseling to serve you the way you deserve. If you're in a financial crisis, I’d recommend starting with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling for free, expert help on serious debt issues - find a not-for-profit credit counselor at www.nfcc.org.

  • You seek a step-by-step, preset program to follow. I'm more of a free-flower and prefer to go with what comes next for you rather than a prescribed set of steps.. Again, there are lots of those out there, just not here!


If you're ready to get started, please complete my online coaching application and I'll reach out to you from there. My pricing is flexible and based on the amount of time we spend on a call along with your ability to pay - we will work out a plan that works for you. I can't wait to help you find your financial bliss!

If you have questions about customizing a financial coaching program for your small business employees, please reach out via my contact form and we can discuss over email.

Kelley Long